Welcome To OLMS Tutorial.

Teach You How To Use OLMS Either You Are Student Or Librarian inside the University

System Features


This Is The Main Feature Of Our System

Easy To Use

Every Thing Is Known And Easy To use Inside The System

Chat Between Librarian And Admin

There Is Section To Have Message between the librarian and the admin to make the work perfect

Admin Full Control

Admin Can control hole the data inside the system Edit, Update , Delete and so on

all you want from System

Here Is all what the user want form using this system and what our system providing


All Books with Photo

All books inside the system had photo to recognize the book that you want from another one if they have the same name

Live Issue Books

when you want to issue book, no need to gave her your information and wait to write your name in paper. Just gave the Librarian you ID Card and Wait 1 min at least and check your account you will figure that you issued that book

Librarian Send You Messages

If you forgot the date to return the book, Librarian will send you message inside the system telling you that you should return the book

Easy Account Easy Book

Now you can easily open your account in your Phone or in Desktop, and find what book do you want to issue and the availability books

Modren Design

Easy GUI

Full Animated

System Screenshot


Screenshots for some of the system .